Blog-tember Challenge Day 2


Wednesday, Sept. 2: Describe your ideal day. Where would you go and what would you do?

Describing and ideal day is super hard for me. I personally prefer day that is unplanned but goes well? Also my ideal day would change depending on my mood, its like I’m different personalities stuck in one tiny body. One thing that all these personalities have in common though is cherishing calmness. I’m not a person who hates large gathering and stuff, but I would need some me time every once in a while.


A place that holds a special place in my heart is Green Beach in North Coast, Egypt. I used to go there every summer with my cousins so every inch of this place holds a special memory.

Since this would be describing the ideal day then I damn well want a good weather! Last time I visited was 2 weeks ago I think and there was a heat wave in Egypt, Since this a place with a beach the humidity was awful. I like a weather that is sunny (even though I’m not a fan of the sun, it plays a huge role on my mood -.-) but not hot and chilly at night. Its like enjoying a beach day in the morning and a sweater weather at night, best of both worlds XD

I usually don’t go out in the morning to avoid risk of blacking out caused by the sun glaring at me so I just have a small breakfast or maybe just some while checking my social media accounts until 3pm and then I hit the beach. I like to have someone with me, but someone who I’m really comfortable around. Those people who I can enjoy comfortable silence and not feel any awkwardness or a bugging voice in my head telling me to find something to talk about or this person will find me boring.

Usually after the beach, everyone is hungry so we drive somewhere to eat and then go back to the chalet to rest or walk along the beach.


isn’t the view breathtakingly beautiful? I sit there until its 3-4 in the morning then go back to the chalet to sleep. However if I’m lucky enough, there is this “fountain” that looks like huge rocks stacked together that I climb and sit on top. The fountain never actually worked, like ever! and we shouldn’t sit on it since its possible that we could fall and face some injuries, but I’ve been climbing it since I was a kid, my only problem is that some security men us and ask us to leave -.-


The view from what my cousins and call “The Rock”.

Another type of ideal day is when I accomplish something.

IMG_1967IMG_1975 IMG_1815 Finishing an art project after hours of working on it, writing about how I feel so I can understand myself more and maybe even makeup shopping.

A simple salmon temaki could be my lunch with coffee or hot chocolate and of course chocolate to fill me up and spend the rest of whats left of the day daydreaming and then pay one of my favourite coffeeshops a visit with my parents.


A more adventures side of me would be to go somewhere completely new and unplanned with My best friends which usually ends up in a fail and we laugh about it.



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