Blog-tember Challenge Day 4


Friday, Sept. 4: What are you passionate about?

Arts. I feel like my whole life is based on art. It affects how I think and how I deal with everything in my life that it has become a really foreign thing to me when I meet someone who has no interest in art. I’ve been blessed with the talent of drawing and a creative mind thankfully and this is exactly what I use to express myself. I can’t really express how I feel with talking since I suck at talking, but with art its a different story. I can now change the emotion in a drawing to match mine and come up with ideas from my head to draw. Plus art has a lot of different branches not just traditional art so its kind of wide open for me to explore and widen my comfort zone.

The picture above was just the pencil sharpenings of the colours I used in my college entrance exam, I showed it too the girl sitting next to me and it didn’t interest her one bit. To me I saw the contrast of colours it just looks so pretty to me even if its just garbage. 

I feel like being able to appreciate art makes me see everything different from a person who doesn’t appreciate art. Sometimes it just makes think about everything more deeply which causes me to get a better understanding of how other’s might feel. I know a lot of people who have a really hard time grasping the idea of someone being gay, they would just think its about sex with no feelings attached. They don’t understand that someone could fall in love with the same gender, but since I add an emotion to a piece of paper, its quite easy for my to understand that a person could have feelings for another human regardless of gender. Even though I have personally never been in love, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Thats the beauty of art, it opens doors in my head to allow me more room to think from different point of views.


Another thing I’m passionate about is travelling, even if I did not get to travel to a lot of places I’d love to explore Earth before I die or maybe I get to explore it as a ghost and peak at naked people, who knows? I think if it wasn’t for all the family crap I’m dealing with I could have had my chance to travel at least for a week, but I know I wouldn’t be able to relax knowing that I’ll be coming home to deal with trouble so I guess its better to deal with everything first so then I could stop worrying and enjoy my trips.

I’d love to visit Japan. It’s definitely the most place I’d love to visit. I like exploring countries with cultures and history mainly, I just find so much beauty in how different our ancestors lived and not just because of technology – they were smart too, but the way they thought was so much different. Like ancient Egyptians, they respected women as much as men and even had women rulers and look where we are now? How did we take such a big step back? But they also worshipped cats soo …. ? XD I love how different our brains works and it differs from country to country, I just want to understand them and maybe then I would have up-leveled my drawing skills to portray these stuff into paintings.



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