Blog-tember Challenge Day 6 + 7

I missed Day 6 of the challenge, I mean I knew at some point I’ll miss a day I just didn’t expect it to be that early in the month XD luckily I have somewhat of an excuse to why I didn’t post anything yesterday. I went to college early because there were some troubles with my papers and I wanted to know when can I pay however they didn’t do shit to help because GUC’s admission suck. Now because I waited for like an hour thirty minutes for my turn in college, I decided to go have lunch with the Mum in Sophia’s Garden which so fucking delicious.

Ginger Twist

Ginger Twist


Turkish Coffee

Anyway, back to the challenge,

Sunday, Sept. 6: Share your style. What fashion trends do you love, frequent, or avoid?”

fashion blog

I don’t have a certain style that I go by, I just wear whatever suits the weather and my mood that day. I could go out one day with red lipstick, killer eyeliner and they next day I’d look like a hobo with a pet mouse named Squeekums. What I would call dolled up would be either super dark themed outfit or a super floral feminine outfit, I just wear whatever I want. I don’t feel like I should have a style to go by, I should be able to wear whatever the eff I want.

Also If you’d like to see styles that I would wear if I had more money you can check out my weheartit collection.

panda divider

Monday, Sept. 7: Tell us about your blog name. Where did it come from?”


I don’t think Alice and I ever blogged about how we came up with the blog name which is such shame because I think the story behind it adorable.

First part is Panda Cookie. Panda Cookie came by pet names we made for each other. When Alice and I got back in touch in 9th grade via Facebook we talked about a lot of random stuff to understand our similarities and differences I mean this is what you do when you newly friend someone. We talked about our favourite animals and Mine was pandas and dolphins and she called me Panda ever since. I used to call Alice gummy bear because she ate a lot of gummy bears XD but calling someone you constantly talk to gummy bears isn’t really easy on the tongue so I started calling her Cookie which is close to her real name and also we tell a lot of people to call her that since her name isn’t a common one so its mispronounced and abused badly. Since then we just called ourselves Panda Cookie. When we decided to create a blog we kept coming up with names that were pretty nice but it just didn’t feel right? Alice suggested ‘Out of the Box’ to be like ‘Fish Out Of Water’ from ‘Chicken Little’ XD yes Chicken Little was what inspired our blog name that we’ll be (willingly) stuck with forever.




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