Blog-tember Challenge Day 8

God, my life has been so messed up this month and it just started TT_TT almost forgot about the challenge

Tuesday, Sept. 8: Tell us about your favorite season. Why is it your favorite and what does it say about you?”

A few years ago I would have instantly replied with Summer. Now I honestly have no idea plus its not like I have to have a favourite season, yes? My love to Summer changed since the weather in Egypt is getting more fucked up every year. Last year in Winter supposedly, the weather wasn’t even cold? It was the best weather I experienced tbh but everyone was complaining that its December and its not cold so I joined in with complaining even though I secretly enjoyed it >:D the best way to describe the weather is that it was pool weather in the morning and sweater weather at night. It was the perfect combo of Summer and Winter. Even in the morning it wasn’t hot enough to make you sweat or for the humidity to turn you into Mufasa – it was hot but it didn’t burn you and the night would be chilly enough for you to wear your nice sweaters and enjoy your sweater paws or flippity flappy sleeves so you can slap some friends. I think February was I different story though, we were freezing our asses off. It felt like God was blowing liquid nitrogen on us, tryin to make some frozen humans perhaps.

Kanye flavoured ice cream

This Summer (yes I know all countries are experiencing Autumn now but in Egypt we just have two seasons) its been a rehearsal for us so we’d know what we’d do when were in hell wtf -.- its either super humid or super dry, both share one thing in common, blazing sun.

I just wish that we have more of last year’s December weather, It was my favourite. As for what my favourite season is, I just don’t have a favourite season, maybe I’ll prefer Summer because of the vacation.




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