Blog-tember Challenge Day 9

Wednesday, Sept. 9: Write a letter to sixteen-year-old you. Any advice or funny stories?


16 year old me XDDD

Oh my god I barely remember anything that happened at that age. Remember when Phoebe Buffay found out she was a year older than what she thought, this meant that she doesn’t have memories of a full year so does that make her a year younger? I don’t think this would I apply to me though since I have some faint memories of this year. I think it was the first year I tried cosplay, it was as Misa Amane. I watched a ton of anime that year, should’ve been studying instead. I think this year was the year I was starting to figure out who I am, since I had Alice to share with my thoughts, struggles and interests. I think its really important to know who you are because back then I thought I was someone totally different then who I really am.

Dear 16 year old me,

I’m not much older now, just 3 years older but it made a difference. Don’t be embarrassed about what you find interesting or what you’re passionate about, this would just make you feel embarrassed about yourself. I might not be the most confident person, but I’m working on it – being embarrassed about yourself will just take you steps back and this is not what you want. Its okay though, you were dealing with a lot of shit and I’m not gonna lie its not getting better. Just remember you have friends and that your situation is much better than the other people you spend hours reading their stories online to make yourself feel better about your life.

Even though you used to abuse your body with cutting, it wasn’t that bad as people made you think it is. It just helped you relieve the stress so thats okay I guess, better than smoking or drinking your life away…

You were just 16, if the adults couldn’t deal with the situation any better then what could you have possibly done? You just needed to stand up for yourself because no one will, trust me no one ever will. You need to be stronger and believe that people who you once saw as the sweetest and kindest people had a dark side too.

You’re not better than anyone else and you’re also not less than anyone else.

Its okay to enjoy things that other people find weird, because that makes your happiness not dependent on anyone. You can enjoy it alone and even when you want to share them, you’ve got friends that wouldn’t mind hearing you ramble about random crap.

So dear past and present me, as long as you’re finding yourself and doing what you believe in then it will get better.

P.S. You should’ve taken better care of your hair, look at what I have to deal with now. why u do dis?


My obsession with Death Note continues btw @.@

As for funny stories, I don’t have any exact memories of this year at all. Oh I actually remember going to buy chips from this guy that guy in front of our school. Even though there are barely any people around there, he literally just has few cartons of chips and cans that he kept cold by placing them in cold water. Usually every break I’d go with my friends to buy chips there and there was this one time after we paid for or stuff, one of my friends opened her bag and kept eating while standing in front of the guy and wouldn’t budge no matter how many times we told her lets go. After she was almost done with the chips she made a comment about its not so good and we finally left. It was so awkward because she just stood there staring at the dude while eating and totally ignoring all of us. Her brain just stops on certain times like this one time she stopped walking in the middle of the street to show me how much she liked curly hair wtf. Luckily the bus didn’t run us over.



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