Blog-tember Challenge Day 11

Friday, Sept. 11: It’s a Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do?”

Well today is Friday, wanna know what I did all day? staid in bed and listened to music. I haven’t been feeling my best lately with all the crap going on plus the weather was so dusty to days ago and it activated my allergies so that was horrible. Anyway I’ll just write down what my normal Friday night would be like.

Friday in general for Arabs is a family day. We would just hang out and have lunch together which means I go nuts because of my aunts kids whom are mostly known as monsters. I have a new found respect to parents of twins since my aunt birthed the monsters. God, I usually take breaks from their company – as much as I love them I just can’t handle noise.

After lunch with the family I would either go to a cafe with someone or enjoy tea at home while painting. Something that I don’t understand is when people do not enjoy their times at a cafe. I have a lot of friends who study abroad in Britain and they say that the concept of spending time in cafes isn’t really available. I think as Egyptians our life depends a lot on cafes, like whatever it is we want to do we would just meet up in cafes.

Want to study? Go to a cafe.

Want to meet up with friends? Go to a cafe.

Want to read? Go to a cafe.

Want some alone time? Go to a cafe.

Want to use the internet? Go to a cafe.

I go to cafes so much that at Brioche, they sometimes would just get my iced tea without asking what I’d like to order. The place I go usually depends on how nice are the staff because if you’re alone then they would help make you feel happy (in a not porn-ish way btw XD).



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