Blog-tember Challenge Day 12

Saturday, Sept. 12: What are you up to currently?”

Playing… Waiting game – waiting for college to send me and email -.-

Watching… Awkward! Totally love that Sadie always has something to say about everything

Trying… To get my life together


Eating… Mum’s Chinese lemon chicken.

Drinking… Water. Pretty much whenever I’m thirsty I would just use a clear glass for water and add a straw pretending its coconut juice and I’m on the beach.

Calling… My sister to make sure she’s okay after the car accident >.<

Texting… With Menna to see if she could pass by tomorrow.

Going…To MSA university’s orientation day on the 21st.

Loving… Zoella’s blog!

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 8.35.29 PM

Hating… The fact that we don’t get to experience Autumn in Egypt -.-

Discovering… About Queen Nazli

Thinking… About how I’ll survive college >.<

Feeling… Like..

Hoping… For everything to work out.


Smelling… Like The Body Shop’s Shea Body Spray

Thanking… My friends for being there for me.



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