Blog-tember Challenge Day 14

Monday, Sept. 14: The 5 books that have impacted your life the most.”


The more I get done with days with this challenge the more I feel like this challenge isn’t for me XD I just don’t enjoy reading anymore. Yes, yes I can here your jaws dropping. When I was a kid, I used to really enjoy reading as it helped grow my imagination, but after 5th grade I pretty much couldn’t enjoy reading what so ever. I feel like it had to do with my maladaptive dreaming and fantasy prone personality. I can’t really focus on something for a long time and I could just read a sentence that captures my attention then close the book and imagine the rest of the story as if I’m one of the characters and then I keep day dreaming about the rest until the story becomes a part of the life I have in my head – of course by then I would have totally forgotten about the book. However, no matter how big my imagination is sparked by my personalities disorder, my brain does not or own the capacity to hold all Earth’s secrets for constant inspiration so I had to find a way to obtain information that would spark my interest. Blogs were the main thing that helped inspire me to understand myself. Instead of ending this post with nothing to write in it, I’ll just share the main posts that helped me in life.



I discovered Xiaxue’s blog through Michelle Phan’s Disney Princesses makeup tutorial. I didn’t read her blog right after saw the video though. My love for Michelle blinded me tbh, meaning that I really disliked anybody who wasn’t Michelle XD Since I was/still obsessed with her I used to rewatch her videos for like two hours everyday before I sleep and there was this one time I read the comments on the video and everyone were talking about XX’s nose job which completely took my attention and this was when I started searching her and reading her blog. The first post I read was about trust <— THIS completely changed how much I trust people for the better because it wasn’t how I would naturally think due to having a mum with really bad experiences in life so she made a life for her babies where it was all flowers and unicorns but those babies had to grow up. XX’s posts were like a preview to reality for me and they did help me a lot. They helped me create the person I am today. I pretty much got hooked on her blog and read every post she ever made. Another one of her posts that I think about a lot till this day is about if either you’re an asker or a guesser, it made me realise how bad it is to be a guesser even if its not because I would just assume shit but because I’m shy – still to this day I try to make myself become more open about asking as I’m not really a person who would voice out their thoughts.



Cheesie’s blog showed me so much more too Japan that I didn’t know, I mean when I restarted watching anime it interested me in Japan and I did all my googling and stuff but all the stuff I found made me feel like Japan has a locked door on it that only certain special people had the key too. It’s some what true though, Japan is just so different from the rest of the world that what they would find “normal” would be “weird” to us so in order for me to start understanding Japan was to find someone who share their experiences in Japan and in a review kind of way but more of personal experiences kind of thing. It just made me love Japan so much and not just Japan, to travelling the world. I knew I always wanted to travel around the world but I just thought that my life would me like the average life of getting married and having kids, so she kind of opened my eyes to the world and its beauty. I’d love to one day travel around the world and hopefully starting with Japan >.>


These are the only blogs that I can remember right now that have had an impact on my life but I’m pretty sure there is more, however these had the biggest impact on my life and who I am now. I’ll just end this post there as its already 12:08AM meaning I am late for this post already -.- its just that I’ve been really busy these days with college and moving *sigh*.



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