Blog-tember Challenge Day 20

Sunday, Sept. 20: It’s guilty pleasure time ! Shows, books, songs, foods, whatever it maybe.”

Without taking a minute to think, chocolate. 

I would get so happy if I saved like 5LE off anything I bought so I’d have left over money to pay on chocolate.

I would hide the good chocolate in my drawer and keep the meh ones on my desk because everyone knows that I always have chocolate so when anyone comes looking for chocolate I wouldn’t need to share the good ones. (boy does this sentence have the word chocolate a lot)

MAKEUP!! I love buying new makeup, I love experiencing new products, it’s a magical moment for me. I have to buy at least one makeup product each month. Its sad though since a lot of people would use the money for more important thing >.<

Any otakus out there? I think the main reason why my grades sucked in 10th grade was because I wasted time on watching anime, but can you blame me? I think I even read so much more mangas than I’ve watched anime. I’d just open random mangas and get to reading. Recently I did this and I’d open random ones and think “This seems familier … yep, yea, I’ve read this before.” I don’t even remember the titles because I read so muchhhh.

Thats all I can list now though, I have to wake up tomorrow early for orientation day in college >.< goodnight!


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