Blog-tember Challenge Day 21

Monday, Sept. 21: A favourite quote/expression and how it has impacted you.”


This is pretty much self explanatory, I don’t feel like there is anything to talk about because after you take a minute to think about this, it just opens up a door in your head to allow more room for thinking about any situation in your life. I don’t live in this world alone, I need to put other people’s pov into consideration. This gives me a view of the bigger picture of any situation. I get to make myself understand how others were thinking. It makes life easier tbh since it makes you less judgemental and force you think before taking any fast actions toward something – something I’m still working on.

Being able to understand that not everyone thinks a like and that my opinion is as important as any other person’s opinion puts my over-thinking brain at ease. It also makes interested in learning about people, how different we all are yet were all the same.


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