This blog is managed by two teenage girls, Alice and Dew. We both live in Cairo, Egypt. 

 Alice aka Cookie is born in 19/May/97 

Dew aka Panda is born in 26/August/96 

They met in school in 6 grade. The desks were arranged in a U shape, however Alice and Dew liked to sit together on the carpet in the middle of the classroom since they werent assigned to sit next to each other(;_;)

In 7th grade Dew used to steal Alice’s chocolate m(@,..,@)m Well… Not really “steal” it because Alice loved to share and Dew took advantage of that wahahaha(≧∇≦)

Alice left school after 7th grade and both of them lost contact with each other until grade 9 when they started chatting on Facebook. At that time Dew was obsessed (still is) with Death Note and that got Alice and Dew to talk again when Alice shared a photo of Misa and Dew had to talk to her because she had no friends that were interested in anime (>.<) since then they found out that they share same interests and fears and decided to help each other cope with life. 

They finally went out after the exams had ended and watched Dark Shadows together *\(^o^)/* and since then they were inseparable. 

They decided to start this blog together sometime ago. Dew was obsessed with Xiaxue’s blog that time and shared it with Alice, but because of their anxiety it took them a long time before they built up the courage to actually start their blog. 

Dew has become very passionate about makeup when she discovered Michelle Phan and has idolised her ever since. Dew loves drawing as both of her parents were naturally talanted,she isn’t as talented as they are but continous to practice as it is the only thing that makes her who she is. 

Alice is the human barbie, she loves to dress up which naturally makes her love cosplaying. However, unlike barbie with her perfect makeup and her fantasy-based body, Alice is a noob in makeup and prefers pizza; she even prefers her fancy reading to partying. 


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