At this time of year, as the weather changes and the climate shifts, I tend to feel some sadness. Im saying goodbye to my favourite season, Summer , and sadly making way for Winter, my least favoured season.


But this does not mean i will let this phase change me . I use this to fuel more artistic sides of my personality as i will be spending most of the time indoors cuddled with my warm penguin plushies and cup of aromatic hot chocolate under the covers.

Recently ive been back to writing little of my thoughts and feelings down as it helps me express myself better. Not through like amazingly fancy vocab , but through simple words in a flowy arrangement.

Heres a little something i wrote up for this occasion :

The summer fades in a fleeting haze

The breeze chills and  the sky’s shades become memories in the sad song that plays on the fine afteroon sunset as the car speeds on the highway

The fog rises as the sun sets and the track ends leaving the feelings of nostalgia to decent
Onto the coldness of the last spark of the warm bonfire inside a slowly beating heart.

The earth seems to go to sleep suddely on the shoulder of the universe.

Silence scares all the excitement away so the seasons can swiftly change as you hear the air whisper ….

Welcome to the
transition phase

I hope you enjoyed that ^_^ feel free to share your thoughts. And as always, thank you for reading.

-Alice// Cookie



Lately i’ve been going through exam times (and still in the process). This has made me more in touch with my emotional side a lot more often than usual.
Im not seeing my friends as often , im surpressing anger and tiredness into myself , because i don’t like to burden people with my problems.

This has made me realise im a very dependand person and i hate that. I require someone to share with. I dont have much company since im an only child and being away from friends is really hitting me hard.

Not to mention, next year i have a forced gap year, since theres something wrong with my years of school blah blah. This means all my friends are off to college ….leaving me alone …. i know its selfish to ask for people to ask about me when theyre busy but it really means a lot .

Ive been in bad moods and changing my good habbits to bad. Im scared to failing my exams and my social life.

My next option is just to distance myself from others to get used to being alone.

I find it hard to open up to people now even the ones close to me and the least things bother me and i cry a lot. Im starting to like the idea of being an intovert. Because i can never get hurt.

I think its starting to be a problem but theres no way around it but to just let it pass by. Maybe its all just stress. But i dont want anyones help because people just judge.

I wish i could somehow just take the people i love to somewhere nice and away and spend time with them.

-sigh- sorry this is just a venting post i really needed to share.

Have a happy day

Today♥( with Cookie and Deww)

Today was a really awesome one , because i got to spend it with Deww ♥

We exchanged Valentine’s presents ( a but late but worth it) ! I was so happy to see her after quite a long time ~

We had lunch together at Peking , i think she owns the store. We tried a new salad which was great but there was this weird ingredient…i dont know what it is xD


                    Yummy fried rice !       Recommended by my asain food expert


                         {My Gift ♥}

But my favourite was the card


Also heres a smexy me by Dew:


We did a heck of walking and some supply shopping
-IWasLateBuyingTheRestOfMyGift- so i had to pretend i was buying the stuff for me -hehehehe- so she didnt expect. I finally found the perfect snow-globe design i wanted to get her , had an Eiffel tower and a heart and said “Dream a princess Dream ” or something close and a mug she picked out .

Then Deww bought me hot Coconut Choco hot drink. Yummzy. And we bought choco (which was also so yummyy) . And  we got some art supplies .

Had lots of laughs , some tears of joy and a warm hug.. >(^_^)< and LOTS of Food (No regrets).

I really loved today ♥ Made me super happy.

I hope you get to see your bestfriend too ~ {♥}~

Arigatou, Deww  ^-^

-Joyful Alice// Cookie

Pretty Pin


Hello! :3 So today my friend gave me my set of pretty pins i ordered ! She made the rainbow one herself and she makes many more pretty designs ~ I wore it all day and till now hehe . Love it.

I’ve been quite hyper lately due to going crazy about exams and eating lots of chocolate 😀 Yay for being hyperrr woooh!
I might have been scaring or emotionally scarring my friends at school…but they get used to it, don’t they?  Also been hearing lots of weird and awkward experiences and things that make me laugh for hours ! :”3 Oh dearrrr.

I will be posting some drawings and arts and crafts soon! Also some photography ideas ;D So look forward to that !

I shall now go claim my pizza for lunchh yummehhh!

See you later !

Alice//Cookie ~♥

Holidays and A New Year and Me.

As everyone knows the most common sentence now is “Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year”. Smiles , presents , trees and parties…but this year I feel different.

I feel like it is not the usual feeling of happiness I get every year. Something about 2013 makes me feel like a relief to move on to a new year.

I have some plans for next year , but i don’t want to say them outloud this year. I feel like every year i say i will do something then bam….nothing ._. IT REALLY BOTHERS ME.

My outlines though is i want to change things about myself. I want to feel like a new person and experience new things and face some of my fears. I want to meet new people , limit some and get closer to others.

I also feel like theres things im glad that happened in the previous year. People come and go. Lessons learnt and memories made. Happy and sad. Ups and downs that have shaped me for the better and helped construct me.

Im currently in a holiday in which i hope i study and rest and have a good start for the new year. I plan on having a new experience. Make the best of all the time i get !

This year im going to start focusing on the topic of “New Approach” ( very corny yes yes) but its my goal !

I am thankful for this year, I started new things such as japanese lessons with Dew and i couldn’t be happier we are a step closer to our dream! In the future we maybe spend a Christmas together in Japan ♥

I really hope everyone has had a good year with all it brought and ready for a new one to come.

Thank you for taking your time to read! Have a good year and more to come ♥

~Alice// Cookie

~ ☆《Konichiwa》★ ~

Well heres some exiciting news ~ One of many many goals is coming true ! Dew and I are now in  Japanese classes.

Im was very excited but very nervous. I couldnt believe it was really true. I wore my shirt with the japanese flag and a woman in a kimono~  Everyone there seems to like anime and Japanese culture. So i think i might make friends there as we progress.

We started learning Hiragana , the first alphabet in Japanese. Its easy so far ! It all builds on the vowels  A I U E O.  And then a letter is added to the start and it forms a sound like Ka or So.

The teacher asked us if we knew any words and why we are here. My goal is to watch anime with no subs ! She looked like a friendly person , i didnt catch her name though. So ill be calling her Sensei. She understands a bit or Arabic and English.  Shes also quite funny.

I really hope i do well because its my dream to travel to Japan with Panda. So im doing my best studying because we already have a test next time :s !


{My study notes!}


{My Notebook!}

We shall keep you updated !

Ohayo/Konbawa/ Oyasumi !(good morning / good evening/ goodnight ) wherever you are !


-Alice \\ Cookie

Help me.

Hey everyone ! Im so very sorry i havent blogged in SO long. I have been a bit busy andddd my life isnt interesting.

But ive been having a problem. My brain has been rejecting things i like to do ! Even my veryy amusing hobbies and activities and its been killing me….

I was reading this reallyy awesome John Green book and halfway through i start fighting with like my evil inner brain…and it says “Alice you hate reading” and i hold the book and think….do i really? I started repleling the thought and continued reading.

Just now i was in the shower and thinking of rap songs and started singing Spacebound by Eminem. Then my evil brain says “Alice you hate Eminem and rap” and i again just push the thought out.

I even questioned my love for ANIME ! That means ….i might be mentally unstable  o-o. Not that i dont already know that but…i dont know i dont feel veryy good about this evil part of my thoughts.

Has anyone had this happen to them , if so how is it going / gone?

Till next time~
Alice// Cookie