DIY recycle old frame to vintage victorian era frame

I’ve recently been obsessed with fixing old frames and restyling them since I realised I have old and ugly unused frames laying around. 

I have so far restyled 2 frames and this one is the Victorian style frame. 

Look at how ugly the before looks x.x 

You’ll need: 

  • Bronze acrylic paint
  • Different sized brushes
  • A sponge brush for even application 
  • Lamination paper [optional (the frame’s glass was lost so I had to improvise xD)] 

Mini cuddled with the paint bottle and slept to show support to my work and also show that she doesn’t give two hoots if I need to use the paint xD

I miss her so much …. RIP Mini ❤ 

Anyway, back to the diy. I used the the sponge brush to paint the surface of the frame which you’ll need to cover with two coats btw and the brush to paint the sides and gaps of the frame. 

After it’s completely dried, I started with sketching the picture I want. I already knew what I wanted and luckily I knew where to find the silhouette of the lady, which was in the frame section in Afterlight app. 

You can draw it like I did or trace of your computer like my sister likes to do xD or just print it but don’t forget to alter the size of the image to make it fit in your frame ! 

You can paint it with acrylic or gouache colour which would be better than what I did which was fill it in with a black marker. The reason why its better to paint it is because pens and markers will waste a lot of time and will leave streak marks so its better to avoid that. I then just cut out a piece of lamination paper to cover the paper. This is really important if your frame’s glass is lost because it protects your pictures or drawings from getting ruined!

More pictures (=^_^=)




So pretty, right? 



How to exfoliate lips

Hello everyone!
Today’s tutorial is on exfoliating your lips👄

Stuff you need:
1. Lip balm
2. Vaseline
3. Tooth brush

Start of by applying lip balm to your lips.

20130613-040302 PM.jpg
Yea you can see all my dead skin. I’m using the body shop’s chocomania lip butter. Add a generous amount of vaseline on the tooth brush and start softly scrubbing.

20130613-042331 PM.jpg
(I’m smiling in the after pictures because usually people would have a hurt expression in the “before” and a smile in the “after” picture which indicates good results and the person is happy. Wtf)
The reason why I added lip balm to my lips even though I’ve added vaseline to the tooth brush is that my lips are very sensitive and I end up scratching my lips and it doesn’t look good at all so yea this is how it works for mee!

I think I’ll be blogging again tonight since I have a surprise birthday party to attend ^_^ so I’ll see you guys later! Buh byee!


How To Not recolour your bracelet

Alice and I bought BFF bracelets last year from Claire’s, unfortunately the colours on my bracelet faded away, can only slightly see that it used to be coloured. I don’t really take it off when I’m showering so that’s the reason behind the faded colours. I thought if I want it to last long and still look pretty, then its time for a fix!

20130304-040051 PM.jpg
This how the bracelet used to look like x3

Now lets get started!

Stuff you need:
1. Bracelet to be fixed (d-uh!)
2. Nail polishes of your choice
3. Cotton ball
4. Nail art brush
5. Vaseline
6. Glue tac

20130304-040450 PM.jpg

This how the bracelet looked like before fixing. Use a cotton ball to clean of the surface of the bracelet. Then add tiny pieces of glue tac between each bead to stop them from spinning around.

20130304-041208 PM.jpg

I ended up cutting this ball in even tinier pieces.

20130304-041636 PM.jpg

I first wanted to colour them with pastel colours instead of bright colours but since the other bracelet with Alice is bright colours, it’ll feel mismatched. I just had to change the tones of the blue and yellow since I had to work with what I have.

I put everything on my palette and started colouring ^^

20130304-044601 PM.jpg

Depending on the pigmentation of the polish you’re using, it’ll depend on how many coats you need, for me I just used one coat. I don’t really know how long it takes to dry since I was studying hehe. After its dried up, I went ahead and drew on the letters by dipping my nail art brush in black polish – don’t forget to coat the brush with vaseline to avoid ruining the bristles!

20130304-050051 PM.jpg
Wipe the excess on the back of your hand.

Repeat for all sides and then you’re donee!

Finished results:

20130304-050352 PM.jpg

Pretty, eh? Reminds me of kindergarden blocks haha!


How to not: Make a bracelet

So a few days back i was looking for an easy DIY, fun project to do ! So i came accross this and it caught my eye :


I already had the lace ( with some adjustments) and i had the challenge of executing it ! So i went out and bought the materials i needed.


The lace happened to be too thick , so i cut the strip in half to fix the issue. After following the steps on the tutorial i ended up with this :


I was very proud :”) but i had to attach something to close it with. I used a lock from an old bracelet i had.



     And tadaa !! I ended up with this


                   Try it yourself !



How To protect your rings from rusting

I think the most annoying thing about accessories is the rusting. You have to take off before showering and washing hands, then forget to wear them and lose them. Lost a lot of rings in malls’ restrooms -.- I’m a pretty forgetful person and a lazy one too if the thing I have to do is not creative.

Rusting happens from water and oxygen, so a way to block both from my dear accessories is by spraying gloss spray on them. Ive heard about using a clear nail varnish (top coat), but it wasnt very convincing for me. No matter how good the quality of the varnish is, it will still chip off, also will waste a lot if you have to reapply every few weeks and wont be an even coverage. On the other hand, glossy sprays does not chip off and since its a spray, you’ll end up with a more even coverage and one spray can would be more than enough to cover all of my accessories.

With necklaces, its better to just spray the charm only, because the necklace itself needs to be able to move freely around your neck, so by using gloss spray, it’ll harden it and would be pretty much ruined.

Just place the ring/charm on a piece of paper and spray from around a 30cm distance, that way, you have a chance to get it evenly covered and thin coats for it to dry faster – I always go with just 3 coats. Then when its dry, flip to the other side and spray. Ta-dah! Thats its! Pretty easy, eh?

I really like doing this to all my accessories because they usually have some blings on it so this way they wont fall ^o^

Buh-byeee (^3^)^


How To Not bling your phone covers’ 2

Go to part one here

Last time I was short on blings so here is the continuation, but also its not fully blinged. I’m not sure if I want to bling it all so anyways, so far I’ve just added a butterfly design on it.

1. Hoop blings and normal shaped
2. Slow drying glue
3. Gloss spray
4. Something to eat xP
5. French manicure pen (optional)
6. Scissors

Lay out your stuff 😀

20130216-074023 PM.jpg

20130216-074331 PM.jpg
Smexeh chocolaatee ;D

Stop getting distracted by the malteasers and start planing your design! Hahaha

20130216-074852 PM.jpg

It took me like an hour to come up with a design wtf. I went with the second picture, wasn’t sure what i was doing that time either. Looks very weird x3

Before glueing, I decided to use french manicure pen to outline my design (it rubs off) so I don’t make it slanted or not in the middle. It didn’t show much in the picture. Also filters didn’t help much.

20130216-075923 PM.jpg

Glue into marked places, also before removing the unglued design, take a picture, it helps if you have a goldfish memory like Alice and I.

I broke a circle bling with a pair of scissors, damn hard! It looked like I could break with just my hands, but doesn’t work! Don’t get tricked! I used my candle to just SLIGHTLY melt down the hard edges of the broken edges.

Then I realised that it looked like a butter fly so I added the antennas and that’s it! Pretty? ^o^

20130216-084945 PM.jpg

How To Not bling your phone covers’

1. Ugly mobile case (anything you want to bling)
2. Have a little amount of crystals
3. Glue that dries slowly (buy all the types of glue because you’re not sure which one works best)
4. Forget to buy an orange stick
5. Gloss spray (anything to seal in your design with)

Okay,lets get started! ^o^

20130211-043502 PM.jpg
*realises I bought a lot of glue that I don’t need wtf*

Spread out your stuff on a table

20130211-043805 PM.jpg</a

Watch The Big Bang Theory for distraction … Teehee x3

20130211-045336 PM.jpg
I recommend you plan first before glueing so you have an idea of what you want to do. For example, after finishing the top part I decided I wanted to continue the rest of the heart, but it was def hard getting them in to place like in number 2 so I decided to make the heart smaller in 3 and I’m glad I did. If I was to do the hurt in picture 2, the outcome of the heart would be uneven.

The cover still looked ugly after this and I realised I didn’t have much crystals left to finish blinging the surface left. I had few white and turquoise, other colours were brown, black and some tiny nail blings that are the same size of a bacteria wtf. So I decided to bling the bottom part only until I buy more crystals.

20130211-052027 PM.jpg

I did a few mistakes after glueing. I misplaced a big crystal in place if a small one and didn’t realise except after I finished, also the design was a bit slanted. Luckily, since the glue isn’t fast drying I was able to fix it.

I highly recommend that after you plan the design you want to make, take a picture of it before removing it so you wont forget the places of each crystal.

That’s it! Good luck ^_~