Dress Shopping 

I’ve been wanting a new maxi dress since forever! I think everyone should own at least 1 maxi dress because they’re so comfortable and they could easily make you look dolled up without any effort. 
So I went to Cairo Festival Mall to shop. Was pretty happy about the amount of sales there tbh and it wasn’t crowded till the point you would want to scream bloody murder for people to walk faster. I mean why? Why do people like to stand infront of store doors like either get in or get your ass movin’. Anyway the crowd was still there but not as annoying as it would normally be considering that I went at around 10pm and there was a sale. 
Here is what I bought~

This is from Reserved. The dress’ top isn’t suppose to be loose like this, but I’m short so I had to pull the elastic waist thingie up so I wouldn’t smash my face. 

Crochet dress from American Eagle. This dress was a last piece and it was only available in size medium, however this happens to work in my favour as the dress shouldn’t be this long actually. It looked like it should hang between feet and knees which I personally think would look super effin’ awkward. Like imagine someone asking of your dress is suppose to count as long or short and you just stand there sweating like and idiot because the dress comes half way wtf what is this length called, average? The perks of being a tiny human is that this is dress is a long dress on me. 
In the fitting room, I found this awesome thing. Its a button that turns on a blinker outside your fitting room so that it would alert the person sitting in the fitting room area folding random clothes (idk what the job is called wtfbbq) that you need their help. Idk if this is available normally in other countries but it sure doesn’t here in Egypt. 
I went for a coffee break, because I had a blazing headache and I couldn’t locate Brioche Dorée so I hate to settle for Starbucks. Turned out pretty well since they had a new cookie crumbs frappé added and it tastes so goooooooood. 

I continued my shopping from there but I didn’t buy anything more. These head pieces were adorable but fucking expensive for just little things BUT camwhoring is free so screw it. 

The hat would’ve looked amazing with the crochet dress but *sob sob*


So on an unrelated topic

My sister sent me this, any spn fans here?

I’m born in August, my parent would be Rowena! Dude I’m fucked up. Rowena? This is the most evil character ever on the show! She literally sold her son for three pigs, I have no idea what she would do with me >.<




Shopping – Only

Hello! Today i went shopping for some mid-season , cute clothes image Most of them are comfortable chic sweaters / jumpers (Don’t know what theyre called ) , one T – shirt and a pair of gorgeous shoes .o. image            The quote describes me xD image         I really love the print/ design here image Bought this mainly because of the text hahahah. image         This one reminds me of comics ! image Undershirt for the anchor shirt . Really loved the lace. image Cutest colour mix and design here {♥} image And lastly this one , i didnt really like it much but my mum picked it out and wasnt bad! And finally the shoes : image Here they are in action : image image And this outfit i really like together 😮 image This is my fav thingie from HnM ive been addicted to wearing lately image        Says (Aimer la Vie) (Love life) Well lovelies that was what the spree had concluded with today ! Pretty excited to try them on the real catwalk and be dressy xD. Thanks for reading ! Alice// Cookie

H&M rings!

Hello guys!
What is one accessory you cant leave the house with? I’d have to say rings! I’m crazy about rings, if I’m not wearing one then I feel weird and alarmed all the time as if I’m missing something.

I’m gonna share a part of my ring collection today so here goes~

20131018-101247 PM.jpg
These are def my favourites! They’re bold and match everything except silver. Wearing 2 rings of these is enough, no more rings needs to be added or maybe even you don’t have to wear a bracelet.

I like to pair them up.
Heart with LOVE
batman with HORROR
GRRR, OH WOW and MEOW together

COLOUR: gold



20131018-102133 PM.jpg
I really like how they are connected by chains. Its so cutee! I especially love that they’re gold and silver – usually I don’t like to mix my silvers with golds, however this time the gold is a bit toned down to look good with silver. Bright gold with silver is a no no for me.

There are two rings (one gold and one silver) smaller than the other. I accidentally wore the smaller ones on my middle finger and it got stuck there for the rest of the day TT_TT the difference is very small and hard to notice but definitely is important so your fingers don’t get stuck in the rings for life.

COLOUR: gold and silver



20131018-102545 PM.jpg
These are my first ever knuckle rings (is it me or does the word “knuckle” look funny?). I love the heart one! Its so cute and simple. I’m usually wearing it. The bling one is also very pretty but I have to stop myself from running my hands through my hair or I might rip a few hairs out.

COLOUR: bling is gold. Heart is gold rose.


20131018-103242 PM.jpg
I think I’ll give this one to Alice. I really love it, but its not my size.

There is one ring smaller than the other so it would fit your knuckle size.

COLOUR: gold and silver



20131018-103817 PM.jpg
SNAKE RINGG! This one is epic, even my mum loved it. She usually doesn’t like things that are unusual or she didn’t grow up seeing it in her life -.-

COLOUR: gold



20131018-104953 PM.jpg
All these rings were all in on pack! 27 rings! I’m usually wearing one ring of these daily.

I pair them up according to colours~
Bronze with gold/gold rose
Silver with black/bronze/gold rose

20131018-110136 PM.jpg
This is how i put them together.
Gold-> Bronze-> Silver/Gold Rose-> Black


You might have noticed how the sizes are not the same and that’s because H&M sizes suckk!!

XSmall fits perfectly on my left hand, but sometimes gets stuck on my right hands same thing with Small! How so? Its just a bit loose, but still could get stuck on my middle finger. Medium is just big!

I anyway wanted to buy Alice a fish ring, however since it came out to be not my size, its going to be hers ^_^ I hope she likes it.

The prices were all good for the amount of rings that I bought. I don’t remember much was each on of them, though the fish ring is the most expensive out of all.