Mystical Nail Art

Alice just left my house a few hours ago so I thought why not paint my nails? I’m already really happy I got to see her because I haven’t seen her in such a long time. Its like a good mood to do nail art except that I’m super lazy … Means I have to come up with a super easy nail art xD + nail polish reviews

Cute, eh?

I usually wear black nail polish in winter because it looks super cute with sweater paws. I think the only colour I can wear on its own without nail art is black. 

Lets get started, what you’ll need:

  • Top/base coat
  • Black nail polish 
  • Metallic nail polish  

I used: 

  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Wild Shine clear nail protecter as a top & base coat. 

Honestly I never found a purpose for a base coat other that to stop the polish from staining your nails. This was the first time I try this nail polish and I’m impressed. The consistency is watery which is good to avoid smudging nail art however, the shine isn’t wild shine, its “meh meh”.  I’d name it tame shine. 

  • Essence Colour & Go in 144 black is black

When I first read the name I thought “no shit”  but after using it I understood why. You know how some blacks are blacker than the other? In clothes it makes it so hard to match blacks. In nail polish it makes you apply 100 coats to reach the black you want. This one is so pigmented so you barely need two coats. 


  • Essence Colour & Go in 172 Splash!

First of all, the name ( ˘ ³˘)♥ if you didn’t instantly think of the mermaid movie then how dare you?! The colour sparkles of blue, green and purple. My favourite colour combo evaaar :3 the colour is as pigmented as a previous polish. The polish states that you colour and go making it seem dry fast, but I don’t think so. It takes a while to dry but I don’t think this is something that should stop you from buying the polishes as they’re pretty good quality. 

Quick tip: smell your nails to know if they’re dry yet or not instead of touching it and ruining it. When it drys the nail polish smell should be gone. 


There is literally not much to do except to randomly dot your nails in gradient. Make the dots come out from one side or angle and then fade them off by making smaller dots. For the ring and thumb nails (which I always like to make them different) I made the dots come out from opposite angles of my nail. 

Yes my middle finger nail broke, it’s literally flipping me off XD

I used a broken bobby pin to dot instead of a dotting tool. To make large dots press the bobby pin fully on your nail. To make smaller dots don’t press too hard. 

While dotting your dominant hand, you’ll find your body scrunched in the weirdest position that a demon possessing a human would find uncomfortable so make sure you’re alone in the room where no can see you. Except God, God can see you. However God wont judge you because of how stupid you look but by the time you’re wasting instead of doing something useful like ending poverty or fighting for woman rights. 

Nail polishes in crime scene of time wastage. It looks like they’re staring at a dead body XD

  {Nails + peak of my super pretty wall} 



Neutral floral nail art 

Has anyone seen CutePolish’s latest nail art tutorial? Bold floral nail art for spring. I loved how easy and fast it is however I’m not one to carbon copy any kind of art because I just like to add my personality on everything I do. 

Sandi, used bright colours which I personally dislike. I prefer either dark or pastel colours – bright colours make my eyes puke x.x 

So here’s my version: 


Nail Polish’s I used:

  • Essence multi dimension XXXL shine nail polish in #69 movin’ on [beige colour]
  •  Essence multi dimension XXXL shine nail polish in #39 spicy [brown colour] 
  • Maybelline Color Show in # 120 urban turquoise 

I also used Essence nail art express dry drops to dry my nails quickly because I hate the waiting game. 


Nutella on my desk because what else shoulf you do on a desk? Study? Nahh, I’d rather indulge in some Nutella time goodness. 

“Princess” tattoo is fake tattoo xD used a black inc pen to scribble it onn. 

「Nail Polish Review」

Essence multi dimension XXXL shine nail polish: 

The polish is pretty pigmented as it says on the bottle however with the beige colour I prefer using two coats as its 1 coat coverage isn’t enough, but with the brown colour 1 coat is enough. 

For the shine I must say, its good however not impressive. You can wear it with out the need to apply a top coat but comparing its’ shine to Bourjois SO laque glossy its not anywhere near how amazing bourjois’ shine – essence doesn’t stand a chance on winning this competion. 

Overall, I really like the nail polisb and will probably buy more. 

Maybelline Color Show:

This polish is so pigmented I cant even begin to describe my love to the coverage and vibrancy of the colour payoff. 1 coat is enough and it looks so pro for some reason I still don’t know. 


I couldn’t stop at how pretty my nails looked esp that it only took me 10 minutes to finish both of my hands and needed to use zero tools. God knows how much I hate using tools 


 If you plan to use neutral tones like me, make sure the colour you use for the leaves is a vibrant cool colour as it just puts this design together and brings attention to your nails. You can use purple, blue and green for the leaves. 

I couldn’t stop staring at my nails and I got a lot of compliments on it even from guys :O 


Polka-Dotted nails

If you’re absolutely obsessed with nail art like me but you don’t have time to spend on doing your nails or maybe just lazy (also like me xD) then polka dot nails are best choice for you. They’re so easy and you wont waste time doing it.

I cant stand having one colour on my nails. I have to have some kind of design going on but I’m almost always to lazy to do something so I’d just look at nail art pictures on and then just mix some ideas together to form a really cute but easy to do design. Also i don’t really have much control when I’m using my left hand to draw on my right hand nails so I’m kinda forced to do something easy.

This time though I wasn’t feeling like creating something or spending time on my nails so I decided to polka dot them and the results are super cute!

I used a nude-ish colour – kinda between pink and brown as a base and a turquoise (my favourite colour) for the dots.

Polka dotting used to confuse the hell out of me for some reason, I always screwed it up i think because I usually started the lines diagonally so I highly recommend dotting in vertical lines.

Idk how i got the scar, probably the cats were using my finger as a chew toy while I slept >.<

I have avoided updating to IOS8 for so long and now that I updated, I totally regret not updating sooner! The iPhone’s photo editor is amazeballs. All of the photos are edited with the iPhone’s editor – I usually used afterlight but now I think I don’t need that much editing apps anymore.

Tbh I really disliked iOS7, the modern theme was probably the only thing I liked about it so I wasn’t very welcoming of iOS8 until I was kinda forced too after a lot of apps created better versions for iOS8 or apps that only work on iOS8.


Mum bought me this ring, I love how super simple and pretty it is!


Snowflake Nail Art ~

I have not blogged in forever and I feel super bad because the only excuses I have is that either all the projects I’m working on are unfinished or my life is completely boring wtf.

Anyway, here is a nail design I came up with






Sakura Nails (Easy)

You guys ! This is a rare moment in history where i actually do a nail tutorial thing. Its not really a tutorial, its just that im very proud of myself at the moment :”)


       Here are my nails at the moment !

I used this picture as refrence : 


Method :
I used a very fine tipped bottle , filled with nail polish ( black and white) . I drew the branches first and then added five little dots with the white and then a black dot in the middle to be the centre of the flower.

Really happy with the result , hope you give it a try ~ Deww will be proud of me ♡

-Alice // Cookie

Turquoise Floral Nail Art tutorial

Hello lovelies! I’ve missed blogging and especially doing nail art – school killed me, man -__- I feel like I want to do nothing all this summer just to get back at school wtf.

While at the drugstore last week I think, I found this awesome turquoise nail polish (by Maybelline Colour Show in urban turquoise) and if you don’t know, my favourite colour is turquoise so of course I had to buy right away! It was at a good price too 20LE. Found it in Mazaya for 28LE wtf.

Annnyway lets get this tutorial started

Nail Polishes:
Base & Top coat
Black (mine has silver glitters but can hardly see)
White paint or nail polish but I personally prefer using acrylic paint

1. Paint your ring and thumb nails with black and the rest using the turquoise.
20140731-110434 am-39874730.jpg

2. I then used a brush to draw to white flowers with white paint. Just draw a 3 petals, that’s enough.

20140731-110532 am-39932903.jpg

Tip: you don’t have to buy a nail art brush, just buy a water colour paint brush num. 00 – also make sure you dip it in vaseline to protect it.

3. Add black polka dots on your turquoise nails and a turquoise dot in the middle of the flower. Then add two leaves buy adding a curves line beside the flower and then creating “u” shapes on either side of it…

20140731-111430 am-40470382.jpg
And that’s it, you’re done!

20140731-111754 am-40674936.jpg

20140731-111753 am-40673004.jpg

What do you think? (^ω^)

Have you guys seen the new Christian Louboutin nail polish?

20140731-112812 am-41292372.jpg

I read that its $50 a bottle?! Wtf seriously, why? Its pretty I must admit but still with that price I expect some magic to happen on my nails. Also how do you get any control or precision with that brush? Idk who in their right mind would buy it .-.


Nail Polishes Reviews

I have not blogged in a really long time I don’t know what would happen when I start college -.- anyway I bought nail polishes and I’d like to share my review on them ^_^

20140509-084314 pm.jpg
Essence Studio Nails Pro White Hardener
ignore my sexy baby legs in the frame I’m seriously in love with it! My nails are pretty weak and two coats of this seems to strengthen them. I use it as a base coat mainly, but its also suppose to whiten yellow stained nails it doesn’t do the best job on this one though – maybe 3-4 works but sometimes it feels to heavy on my nails. I had my nails stained for a really long time and it wouldn’t fade at all so I used this and I noticed that looking from my nails from afar – it does a good job on blurring the yellow-ness.

20140509-090853 pm.jpg
You can see the polish has a cool hue to it which neutralises the stains.

20140509-091109 pm.jpg
Catrice Brushed Metal Effect in 890 How I Matt Your Mother. First of all, I love the pun in the name x’D cant get over it.
The colour is a deep purple colour, reminds me of Nana Osaki. It is really pigmented but I’d recommend adding a very thin coat at first then add the second coat with the amount you usually use. This way it avoids the risk of having it melt when adding a top coat though its not really needed since it dries matt. Takes 2-3 days for it to start chipping but it mostly depends on how harsh are your daily activities. The thick brush is kind of hard to control or get the corners of the nails but i guess its what gives the polish the “metal effect.

20140509-092216 pm.jpg
H&M’s Glitter Nail Polish3D Glitter. I was really excited about that one as H&M in Egypt never sold cosmetics. Its expensive selling at 59LE. Tbh I don’t understand who put these prices, lipstick, lip pens and polishes all same price. Wtf?

20140509-093221 pm.jpg
It was kinda hard for me to get the hang of applying this at first and getting a lot of glitter on my nail. I figured the best way is to apply a big dot at first on the base of the nail (if you have a wide nail bed, pat and spread the dot to cover the base) then pull it upwards. The glitter looks like shattered glass which is really cute! Its a cool toned glitter (purple, blue and green. Kinda like a mermaid!). Its also pretty long lasting – I forgot my top coat at my dad’s house so I had to go on without it and it doesn’t really chip off. Maybe on some certain nails that are really curved from the sides but it actually holds up good!

20140509-093928 pm.jpg
So cute, right?

20140509-094002 pm.jpg
Essence Studio Nails Caring Oil. This is my first nail oil I buy and i have to say I’m impressed! It has a very yummy fruity smell, I think its apricot? But its not so strong to be annoying. It did moisturise my cuticles, I noticed they looked “healthier” but if I forget to apply the oil for a while, they get really dry and look ugly. So I guess I’ll have to keep up with it. It doesn’t absorb fast, takes a while but the shine doesn’t bother me.

I guess that’s it for now. I should post soon since I have tutorials for nail art and a Japanese soup recipe.