Body Shaming

I don’t think I’ve seen something break people more than body shaming. Its so sad and disgusting that people find the need to shame a type of body to highlight a certian type. Is it so hard for people to accept the fact that beauty doesn’t have a “model shape”? Its not an exam where you have mode answers to it wtf. I think it was last year that I saw the contestants for Miss Korea and they all looked the same. People were shocked and acted like this is unnatural. It is natural when you give someone “goals” and tell them you have to have that to be beautiful. 

Saying that “being skinny is ugly and real woman have curves” to make curvy woman feel happy about there body but at the same time telling skinny people that they’re ugly and not “real” just because their body type is different. 

A confession I saw earlier.

Omg the horrid shit that was told to her. People just forget that others do have feelings? She’s always crying because people told her no one will ever love her. Their words have affected her this bad. Why? Why the need to step on someone to make yourself feel better? No you’re not “beautiful” or “real” if you find the need to shame others in order to feel better about yourself. 


   Also judging have became like a second nature for some people. SOME PEOPLE JUDGE BY HOW HIGH YOUR HEELS ARE! Gladely this has never happened to me and if someone decided to judge me by how tall my heel is I’ll stick it up their butt then call them a whore for having shoes up their butt -.- isn’t it the same thing they did? They made measures that classify “what you are” and forced them on you. Utterly disgusting. 

I feel like one person makes up an idea – in this situation that woman have to be curvy to be considered femine and pretty tO BE LOVED  and then people jusy blindly cover and not stopping for a second to think about how this might affect others. One girl decided to anonymously talk about how this affects her and how she prefers to stay at home because going out scares her. Isn’t this like torturing someone? Keeping them alive but not killing them. Just distroying them. Judging should be illegal one day, hopefully soon. 

Anyway. Ending this post with a happier subject. 

 This was Alice and I in 2013
  This is us now as of 2015

Alice didn’t change much, just her eyebrow game got stronger, but look at me O.O’ so different >.<

Lollipop of out childhood ;__; the memories that come with the taste. 

🌙Picture of the moon yesterday and of course the stars are photoshopped inn xD


Girls, Boys and Feelings

I was just thinking of how usually girls are said to be weaker “feeling wise” which I think is not true at all. Girls are more confident with sharing their feelings and having a discussion about it with other girls even though girls are more likely to backstab you than a guy would. In “She’s The Man” when Viola was pretending to be her twin brother Sebastion – when the guys were talking about how they should act nice towards the girl that recently broke up so they’d have a chance with her then Viola starts to talk about how sad the girl looked and how lonely she must be feeling and then the guys freaked out and left. Its like talking about feelings is a deathly plague for males. We all know that girls barely keep their mouth closed while guys aren’t so excited about gossips like girls so there is a less chance this dude is going to go tell everybody about something you told them, doesn’t that give comfort to talk about how you feel? Knowing that this person wont use this information you shared as a weapon against you later on just for them to get more attention.

I thank god for making me a girl so I wouldn’t be attracted to girls. I would never get in a relationship with girls and not just because I’m religious but for the fact that girls love to complicate everything. Pretty much the only girl I met that doesn’t like to complicate stuff is Alice and look where that got us, we’ve been friends since 6th grade (now 12th-13th grade) with no fights. We just hate complicating stuff and if there is an easier way to fix something we welcome it with open arms. Ofc were still like other girls but we just care less, geddit?

Also whats up with girls talking shit of their “best friends”? I’ve seen million cases of this. Either a girl is jealous of her friend so she talks shit of her in front of other people to make them dislike her so she’s supposedly now their favourite out of both of them however, in reality I’ve never seen this work out well. That person you’re trying so hard to make them believe that your best friend is a slut has a brain to think of their own and realise that you’re the one talking bad of a person that you tell everyone is the closest person to you. Wouldn’t it be to obvious which one is the person that shouldn’t be trusted? For all the times I’ve seen this happens, usually either this person is seen on her true colours instantly or everything just comes out later.

Ahmad told me about something like this a few days ago, a girl was talking bad of what she told him was her best friend and he was so surprised as to what she was doing and I bet he was even more surprised to hear that this happens a lot in the Girl World. Oh and Also my friend Berry (or like we like to tell people that were twins) got a call from an old guy friend a few days ago who was her ex-best friend’s ex. He stopped talking with Berry long time ago and it turns out that Berry’s ex bestie used to tell him lies about her to make him hate her because apparently he used to like Berry before her. Like seriously he went out with you anyway wtf do you want?

I don’t think I’ve ever been put in this situation because gladly I don’t give two hoots about all this crap and I’ve had a good senses when I choose who to befriend or maybe its happening right now and I have no idea of it? Hmmm also I do happen to have the memory of Dory the fish… Boo idc xD see? Life is much easier that way.

How cute are my anklets? So cute, eh? Just wanted to share this picture even though it has nothing to do with what I was saying ^~^#

Have care free life!
Buh bye


Art Makes Death Beautiful


20140312-105939 pm.jpg

I was sitting in Starbucks the other day when I saw this flower. I really liked how the dead flower looked esp beside the still alive ones. It freaked me out that I saw beauty in death. This flower died due to how the employees mistreated the plant. Though others still were alive, it made me think what if it died just to rescue the others, like sacrificed itself? Because they weren’t provided with enough water to keep them all alive. Even if they wont live healthily but they will live… Hope. Maybe that they will be treated better in the future.

Its not scaring me as much as when I first saw the beauty of the dead flower. After thinking for a while and coming to this conclusion “hope” – I find it even more beautiful.

I wonder what others think of artists. Probably something along “those people should be locked in a mental asylum” XD


20140312-111054 pm.jpg

20140312-111037 pm.jpg

This was the sky in Egypt last Tuesday. I was sitting in arabic private lesson when I saw this. My teacher could not see the beauty of the sky “its something that he sees everyday”. It wont be special until he loses it – obviously you cant loose the sky but you can loose you’re sight then it will be special. As an artist, I cant wait to have time to draw it. I just love looking at the sky. How it looks different every other hour.

I cant help but think that it looks like its hugging our Earth. Maybe because of the crap we do to it.


20140312-111830 pm.jpg

You know who else needs hugs? Yea, kids. Humans.

Love 146.

Humans are the most mistreated creature on Earth and what makes it worse is that the only thing able to mistreat humans are humans.


20140312-112206 pm.jpg

All humans are made out of mud but were not mud, were something beautiful – more precious.

Just like diamonds; its made out of the same element as graphite but its structure made it different. One is weak and the other is strong.

Humans are the strongest creatures and the only thing that can break us is other humans.

Are humans good or bad? I don’t know but like any other person I did loose hope in the good.

There are not a lot of strong people and mostly the strong people are the bad ones. Like those girls that were kidnapped, I wont say they were all good but no matter what they did not deserve to sold for sex daily just for the pleasure and money of other humans.

We might not know anything about the girl number 146 but the look on her eyes made the investigators not loose hope in helping these kids. ( if you don’t understand what I’m talking about then watch Michelle Phan’s video here or read this

Honestly reading stories like this makes me grateful for the not perfect life I’m living. Whenever I feel like complaining I just search the internet for stories like this. I cant offer much help except praying and raising awareness. I just think its better than just reading it and not even pressing a button to share it.

I hope number 146 is somewhere safe as long as other girls. I just wish that someday she’ll know that by not giving up she encouraged other girls not too.

There are more stories like this waiting to be discovered. Its sad to know that there are more stories similar/far worse than this taking place right now but its good to know that people are working hard to help and rescue them. Trying to make a better place for others t live.

Humans have been on Earth for so long and were still alive and giving birth. If humans were so hopeless we would’ve been extinct by now. The fact that were still alive means something – means that we should do whatever we could to help bring justice and spread hope and good deeds around.

… Chocolate is good… I demand you send me chocolate. Don’t add raisins in them please, raisins are bad XDDD

Sorry I felt like I was too deep xD


20140312-115902 pm.jpg

I cant help but think about Death Note. Was Light bad or good. He kind of judged people and killed them even if they were given a second chance. Like the guy that he killed to show Ray Penbers that he’s kira – the one that worked in the cafe. I think he was charged with murder and he got away with it. This guy was working which might indicate that he regretted what he had done and saw that when he got away with murder was a second chance for him to be good or maybe not. However Light shouldn’t be the one to kill him, even if he deserved to be killed. That means Light is bad? Well not exactly. Light sacrificed himself for other people to live safely. In the end of the manga, Matsuda said that the criminal rate dropped a lot when Kira was punishing criminals. So he did good for other people.

The person to use the Death Note shall not go to heaven or hell. I think the writer added this rule just because he couldn’t decide if Light should go to heaven or hell.

That’s it for today I guess, sorry for not updating for a long time.

Thank you for reading,

Black Eyes

Hello everyone!

Lenses have became very popular the past years and is still ongoing, especially circle lenses, the ones that makes your iris look bigger. They’re usually used to achieve the Japanese “kawaii” look. Since bigger eyes make a person look more prettier and innocent circle lenses were created for this look. I honestly would purchase them to give them a try despite that I already love my own eyes the way they actually are.


Popular colours these days are the browns (usually dark browns) and black. I used to see black as a cute colour but after a while it started to freak me out.



Circle lenses hides expressions that are seen in the eyes. For example if you’re not good in lying, try putting on circle lenses – they make people look soulless and no one would be able to read your expression. Usually black eyes indicate being possessed. They’re wide diameter also created an unnatural look which kinda supports the idea of being possessed. I’d imagine on a horror supernatural movie set they’d use them on the possessed guy.


the_exorcism_of_emily_rose_2006_dvd_screengrabThe pictures above are low quality just so I don’t scare anybody. For me, just looking at them gives me goosebumps as memories of the move floods my mind. (The movie is “The Exorcism of Emily Rose)

To me, whenever I see a picture of someone wearing black lenses, I instantly get scared of them. Hopefully they will soon see what I’m seeing to so it’d stop. I don’t mind circle lenses at all, only the black ones that creeps me out. I can’t be the only one that feels like this about them!

eyes_by_albatrash-d555lmy_副本Movies either choose to make the whole eyeball black or as in Emily Rose, just the iris black. If black eyes indicate possession, why would anyone ever wear black lenses that just doesn’t change the colour of your eyes, but looks unnatural and makes you look soulless. I’m glad it isn’t popular in Egypt or I’d probably trap myself at home.





Small vs. Big

Last week while I was spending my time with mum, she suddenly said my hands are big. At first I was surprised cuz I always thought my hands are small well to be proportional to my super short height. Then last saturday when my aunt was over she out of no where commented on how small my hands are and yea my face was pretty much like this o.O I realised how sad I was when mum told me my hands are big at that moment but I was unsure why. What’s wrong with big hands?

I started seeing how most girls today are trying to be smaller? Like I’ve seen girls wanting to be shorter (they don’t really know what they’re talking about -.-) and one of my friends likes to lie about her shoe size to make it smaller, since I’ve been to her house before and we’ve tried each other’s shoes too so she couldn’t be smaller than 36-37 just the same size as me but when asked she now says 34. Gets me really pissed of when she lies and she knows that I know her real size.

My sister too likes to show off her small hands and feet, she’s 20 and her hands are slightly bigger that mine and her shoe size is 39 while others her age tend to be a bit bigger.

All this got me thinking about my friends who are obviously bigger in size like super tall. I feel like whenever the topic about sizes comes up they shy away while smaller girls talk freely and proudly but as if they’re not happy with their size but I can somehow read through it and see how they’re liking their sizes, just complaining to get attention.
When I’m at the girls bathroom usually the most thin of all would complain about “how fat” she got while she’s just plainly fishing for compliments and girls how are bigger in size would be like “oh shut up! Look at how fat I am” and honestly most of them aren’t even fat but they’re “thicker” which makes them feel fat due to skinny girls trying to fake hate their sizes. Pretty annoying I must say.

I personally am one of those smallest girls in school but due to my small size my fat cannot be seen. I only get fat from my belly and love handles which I usually find easy to hide but that doesn’t make me stop from trying to lose them. I just don’t like saying that I’m “fat” because I know I am. I do well in hiding it, but its still annoying if I just go and say I’m fat while I “look” the smallest. Wish they’d stop already. Why do girls get so annoying?!

So what I still don’t understand is why is smaller better. I know having I slim waist, thin arms and face is better, being thin is better than fat but super small in everything? Wasn’t a few years ago curvy bodies were the best? Now they’re totally shy to share their sizes with friends because they’d seem fat.

Not really sure where this is going to, but why don’t everyone just stop talking about how fat they are and instead put their selves into action and lose the weight they so much hatee.

I really want to understand why being super small is now the better thing to be? I totally felt I bit depressed when I was told my hands are big but I don’t know why. Maybe because being short and having big hands is a but un proportional? Hehe xP