Strawberry Cookies Recipe*

My sister found this cookie recipe on pinterest and decided to give it a shot. You know, its sometimes good to try out the food instead of just searching it on pinterest and imagine how it tastes like XD I downloaded Yummly app on my iPad to maybe get me into cooking, but all I do is read the ingredients and try to imagine how it tastes like. 

Recipe from Made From Pinterest and strapped to my blogg!

My sister Betty Crocker’s (sp?) strawbie cake mix which isn’t pink so out cookies werent pink :/

She also substituted vegetable oil for sunflower oil and Hershy’s white chocolate chips and also added a pack of milk shake mix. 

  OMIGOD I LOVE COOKIE DOUGH. I ate so much (=゚ω゚)ノ look at how pretty it is, shame it didn’t come out this colour. 

 How my sister eats her cookies. 

  How I like mines. 

So the cookies came out super sugary I’m guessing  its because of the milk shake mix, but if you drink milk with the cookies it reduces the sugar taste or you can eat cookies alone and pretend you’re L


Watermelon and Oatmeal Smoothie

Yay for recipes! So first of all, have a happy Ramadan! Ramadan really confuses the hell out of me, we have few hours to eat AND a lot of us end up gaining weight. Probably because were to tired to exercise and of you’re an Arab then iftar is a meal that would normally feed you for a 3 days. Surprises me how much I can feed my petite body in few hours without exploding *ka-boOOM* wahahahahahaha

However since 10th grade I lost any sense of hunger, I just eat because I like the food or I feel like eating. So for 3 years I haven’t eaten an Arab approved Ramadan meal. Though I’ve been eating a lot lately for no reason, I just find everyone eating and I join them just because I like the food available, not because I need it -.- I’ve been losing my willpower to lose weight, guise .-.

I searched some easy recipes and types of food that would fill me up so I would avoid eating, of course the internet is full of these, but being the lazy red merpanda I am, I just took the ingredient I needed and added it to whatever fruit I had and made a smoothie because throwing everything in the blender is easy and lazy community approved.

3 cups of watermelon (seedless)
5 tsp of oatmeal
Agave nectar
Half a cup of water

If your watermelon has seeds, don’t worry about it. Just pluck out as much seeds as you can get out.

Cut the watermelon on medium sized cubes. I found this size is the best but i guess it depends on the blender’s shape. Then add them in the blender

Add half a cup of water in the blender just to get everything started and easier to blend.

Blend for a while and then add 5tsp of oatmeal then blend again.

So the agave nectar is optional – I didn’t like how the oatmeal made the smoothie taste, it wasn’t bad but it made it taste more powdery? XD idk it just took away the sweetness of the watermelon so I added half a tsp and blended.

20140630-065019 pm-67819724.jpg

20140630-065020 pm-67820081.jpg

TA DA!! That’s it, a lazy diet approved healthy smoothie! 4 cups serving

Not bad, eh? I found it really yummy and refreshing.

Tell me what you think ~~


Ps. I blogged 2 days ago about my graduation ceremony but somehow the post got deleted, well not all of it, 70% of what I wrote got deleted FML. I’m not sure if I have the energy to retype everything again.

How To Not Make Iced Coffee

Hello everyone!
I know we don’t blog as much as we used to but we have an excuse, life is boring! Either boring or a lot have been happening and its not good stuff. Anyhow I’m back with a DIY.

20130715-050742 PM.jpg
It depends on how much coffee you need, I just added 1 tsp and dissolved it some boiling water. Just add enough water to dissolve the coffee. I then added 2 tbsp of coconut milk and then filled the rest with normal diary milk. Add ice cubes if you want and that’s it.

I just experimented with the stuff I had and came up with this, ’twas pretty yummy. I hope you guys like it too ^-^

That’s it for today, buh byee !

How To Not Make Melon Smoothie

The weather was awful today, hot air almost felt like an oven T_T so I decided to make something refreshing. A melon smoothie, I already had melon and I kinda wanted to put the coconut milk into use, hahaha. I tried to google some recipes, but in the end I used one I created.

Here is how it went:

2 cups of melon

Sugar depends on how much you want, I added around 4

1/3 of coconut milk, depends on how much you like coconut milk

So since my family doesn’t really like coconut milk I added normal diary milk to xD 

1 cup ice

2tsp of honey

mix everything in the blender and that’s it. Now the trick is to try and imagine you’re on the beach


Brownie in a Mug

Hello there! Alice and I haven’t been able to blog for a long time, forgive us! Exams are the problem >.< I'll finish my exams earlier than Alice so I'll blog more plus I think I have more free time than her. Anyway – more about that later.

I have came back with an awesome blog-torial! Super fast way to make yummy brownies! I must say though that I'm not so smart to actually come up with the recipe, I'm so bad at cooking so I just try to find any good fast+easy recipes on the internet. I found this recipe on Pinterest, but I have no idea who the real other of this recipe, but anyway here's my version. Ready? ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

1. 2tbs sugar
2. 2tbs flour
3. Pinch of salt
4. 2tbs cocoa
5. 2tbs olive oil
6. 2tbs water (I used bottled water)

So yea… Basically 2tbs of everything. LOL.

20130511-074921 PM.jpg
So just add everything in a mug, from dry to wet ingredients to make it easy to stir. Stir all ingredients together until it reaches a liquid-y consistency as shown in the picture! Microwave for 1:40 and that’s it!

20130511-075753 PM.jpg
Add some ice cream if you want but make sure you let the brownie cool first! Its going to be HOT! I sprinkled some cocoa on the ice cream for some kicks and giggles and its good to serve.

Super fun to make, I actually love making it more than eating it. Not really into cakes and stuff xD

Hope you enjoy it! Buh byee!


How To Not cook onsen tamago

I’ve seen an onsen tamago pic and decided to google on how to do it. Heres how to not cook itt

You’ll need:
Eggs (ass much as you want)
Toast (optional)

Directions: I got my directions from several videos so I cant really state which one exactly, but I found that channel called runnyrunny999 which was pretty fun and helpful.

1. Fill in your pot with water and then boil it. To speed up my process, I boiled water in my kettle then reboiled it in the pot.
2. After its done boiling, remove from stove and then add your eggs in the now boiling water. Make sure you turn off the stove before you put in your eggs, you’re not doing hard boiled eggs
3. Cover it with a lid for around 10 minutes. I forgot mine for around 20 minutes T.T
4. Crack it open in a plate and that’s it! You’re done

20130404-010238 AM.jpg
I added toast and some salt on itt.

Will I do this again?
It will be a rare moment when I repeat it. I felt like it was missing something but I don’t know what it is.

Tip: in the video, the guy said add a tsp of corn starch. I didn’t have it so I ignored this step. While breaking the first egg, it wasn’t cooked xD some egg yolk was still raw so I guess this step is important but then again the second egg was good. I just spilled the egg yolk. Haha.

So that’s it! Hope you find this helpful!
Buh-byeee! (o-^^-o)