Busy (Warning: Extreme Rant)

I know i haven’t uploaded much at all. Im not quite good at sharing my feelings most of the time, but this time its okay to say i should blow some steam.

Going into uni has changed some stuff. Its a big place and lots of effort is to be put in, and this effort takes time. People, more importantly friends, have been getting caught up in their own schedules.

Being sort of sentimental and not very welcome of change , ive tried to pretend om not very bothered by it. But sometimes i feel sort of forgotten. Left out of cliques and outing and its supposed to be a new start to getting new friends. People don’t really welcome people in much to their little cirlces , they are usually just engaged on an academic level but not very much socially.

I decided that i need to talk more and try, despite that it failed. Very little success at expanding the pool of people to be even aquainted with.

That sends me a feeling that i either depend too much on people or that ive just got to give up trying .

I dont really feel that close to the people im close with, i feel like im going to be left behind sooner or later. Everyone moves on. Everyone seems to have stuff that theyre engaged in. I even started to think back to sometimes when i lost close friends, how different would it be to not have left them or how it wouldve been if we’d stayed friends.

Its really haunting the feeling that you always care more than others. That its back to small talk and not much else. It hurts to feel like you’ve been forgotten and that you really are only remembered on convinience.

Being alone and lonely differ.Its not pretty being the latter, but its even worse when youre surrounded by people and no one even looks.
I don’t like to expect things from people, or about anything. Feeling like a burden when they think they should talk and keep up is a drag. I just hope i can invest into something that would turn this around or try atleast.

Thank you, if you’ve even made it down here. Have a cookie.

-K (Alice, Cookie)


Blog-tember Challenge Day 3 + Death


Thursday, Sept. 3: Create a collage or inspiration/mood board that describes your blog.

  • Methods of Ventilation
  • Inspiration
  • Makeup
  • Traditional Art
  • Cosplays
  • Photography
  • Recipes
  • Nail Art
  • Poetry
  • Shopping
  • Personal/Deep thoughts

Doing a moodboard is really hard when you share a blog >.< especially that Alice isn’t active so I just added stuff I know she blogged about.



Today, after I finished my papers in uni I decided I was really tired so slept. I had a really weird dream, one of my friends died. When I woke up, my sister told me that our neighbour’s son died and mum went to the funeral. Their Villa is separated to apartments and he lived on the apartment above them. He worked as an interior designer and because of his job he travels a lot and comes back home without notifying them. Apparently he died 3 days ago and they didn’t know that he was even home, they just decided to check his apartment because of the stench, they thought his cat died. I can’t imagine how they felt when they found their son lying there dead and rotting.

I cant help but think about my death too, will I go unnoticed too? Its just so weird how easily a life ends. Yesterday, my friend’s friend died in a car accident.  Am I gonna be next? I’m not scared of death as much as I’m scared of not having the chance to share what I love for this world. I have plans, even though I’m sure that 90% of them wont come to life. I just want to do something of significance before I go ..