Koi fish painting

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(First picture is w/o flash and the second is w/flash)

According to a Japanese Legend, if a koi is able to swim up the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a dragon. That being said, it wasn’t what inspired me to paint this. My best friend is currently in China and played with the koi fish there. He was so proud of touching the fish it was adorable so I decided to save this memory in a painting.

I planned to give it to him when he’s back but he’s going to be away for 6 more weeks and he wasn’t feeling so well, so this picture came at the right time xD he was so happy with it – one of the cutest moments i experienced in life tbh. He decided that we are the fish and that I’m the one behind, because I’m always looking after him (hes such a beautiful creature, right?). Originally I wanted him to be the one on the back because I’m more satisfied with how it looks, but his reasoning was better. I’m so grateful to have this koi dragon human in my life ❤

The Fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm is terrible, but they never found that a sufficient reason for remaining ashore” – Vincent Van Gogh



Neutral floral nail art 

Has anyone seen CutePolish’s latest nail art tutorial? Bold floral nail art for spring. I loved how easy and fast it is however I’m not one to carbon copy any kind of art because I just like to add my personality on everything I do. 

Sandi, used bright colours which I personally dislike. I prefer either dark or pastel colours – bright colours make my eyes puke x.x 

So here’s my version: 


Nail Polish’s I used:

  • Essence multi dimension XXXL shine nail polish in #69 movin’ on [beige colour]
  •  Essence multi dimension XXXL shine nail polish in #39 spicy [brown colour] 
  • Maybelline Color Show in # 120 urban turquoise 

I also used Essence nail art express dry drops to dry my nails quickly because I hate the waiting game. 


Nutella on my desk because what else shoulf you do on a desk? Study? Nahh, I’d rather indulge in some Nutella time goodness. 

“Princess” tattoo is fake tattoo xD used a black inc pen to scribble it onn. 

「Nail Polish Review」

Essence multi dimension XXXL shine nail polish: 

The polish is pretty pigmented as it says on the bottle however with the beige colour I prefer using two coats as its 1 coat coverage isn’t enough, but with the brown colour 1 coat is enough. 

For the shine I must say, its good however not impressive. You can wear it with out the need to apply a top coat but comparing its’ shine to Bourjois SO laque glossy its not anywhere near how amazing bourjois’ shine – essence doesn’t stand a chance on winning this competion. 

Overall, I really like the nail polisb and will probably buy more. 

Maybelline Color Show:

This polish is so pigmented I cant even begin to describe my love to the coverage and vibrancy of the colour payoff. 1 coat is enough and it looks so pro for some reason I still don’t know. 


I couldn’t stop at how pretty my nails looked esp that it only took me 10 minutes to finish both of my hands and needed to use zero tools. God knows how much I hate using tools 


 If you plan to use neutral tones like me, make sure the colour you use for the leaves is a vibrant cool colour as it just puts this design together and brings attention to your nails. You can use purple, blue and green for the leaves. 

I couldn’t stop staring at my nails and I got a lot of compliments on it even from guys :O 


Polka-Dotted nails

If you’re absolutely obsessed with nail art like me but you don’t have time to spend on doing your nails or maybe just lazy (also like me xD) then polka dot nails are best choice for you. They’re so easy and you wont waste time doing it.

I cant stand having one colour on my nails. I have to have some kind of design going on but I’m almost always to lazy to do something so I’d just look at nail art pictures on weheartit.com and then just mix some ideas together to form a really cute but easy to do design. Also i don’t really have much control when I’m using my left hand to draw on my right hand nails so I’m kinda forced to do something easy.

This time though I wasn’t feeling like creating something or spending time on my nails so I decided to polka dot them and the results are super cute!

I used a nude-ish colour – kinda between pink and brown as a base and a turquoise (my favourite colour) for the dots.

Polka dotting used to confuse the hell out of me for some reason, I always screwed it up i think because I usually started the lines diagonally so I highly recommend dotting in vertical lines.

Idk how i got the scar, probably the cats were using my finger as a chew toy while I slept >.<

I have avoided updating to IOS8 for so long and now that I updated, I totally regret not updating sooner! The iPhone’s photo editor is amazeballs. All of the photos are edited with the iPhone’s editor – I usually used afterlight but now I think I don’t need that much editing apps anymore.

Tbh I really disliked iOS7, the modern theme was probably the only thing I liked about it so I wasn’t very welcoming of iOS8 until I was kinda forced too after a lot of apps created better versions for iOS8 or apps that only work on iOS8.


Mum bought me this ring, I love how super simple and pretty it is!


H&M rings!

Hello guys!
What is one accessory you cant leave the house with? I’d have to say rings! I’m crazy about rings, if I’m not wearing one then I feel weird and alarmed all the time as if I’m missing something.

I’m gonna share a part of my ring collection today so here goes~

20131018-101247 PM.jpg
These are def my favourites! They’re bold and match everything except silver. Wearing 2 rings of these is enough, no more rings needs to be added or maybe even you don’t have to wear a bracelet.

I like to pair them up.
Heart with LOVE
batman with HORROR
GRRR, OH WOW and MEOW together

COLOUR: gold



20131018-102133 PM.jpg
I really like how they are connected by chains. Its so cutee! I especially love that they’re gold and silver – usually I don’t like to mix my silvers with golds, however this time the gold is a bit toned down to look good with silver. Bright gold with silver is a no no for me.

There are two rings (one gold and one silver) smaller than the other. I accidentally wore the smaller ones on my middle finger and it got stuck there for the rest of the day TT_TT the difference is very small and hard to notice but definitely is important so your fingers don’t get stuck in the rings for life.

COLOUR: gold and silver



20131018-102545 PM.jpg
These are my first ever knuckle rings (is it me or does the word “knuckle” look funny?). I love the heart one! Its so cute and simple. I’m usually wearing it. The bling one is also very pretty but I have to stop myself from running my hands through my hair or I might rip a few hairs out.

COLOUR: bling is gold. Heart is gold rose.


20131018-103242 PM.jpg
I think I’ll give this one to Alice. I really love it, but its not my size.

There is one ring smaller than the other so it would fit your knuckle size.

COLOUR: gold and silver



20131018-103817 PM.jpg
SNAKE RINGG! This one is epic, even my mum loved it. She usually doesn’t like things that are unusual or she didn’t grow up seeing it in her life -.-

COLOUR: gold



20131018-104953 PM.jpg
All these rings were all in on pack! 27 rings! I’m usually wearing one ring of these daily.

I pair them up according to colours~
Bronze with gold/gold rose
Silver with black/bronze/gold rose

20131018-110136 PM.jpg
This is how i put them together.
Gold-> Bronze-> Silver/Gold Rose-> Black


You might have noticed how the sizes are not the same and that’s because H&M sizes suckk!!

XSmall fits perfectly on my left hand, but sometimes gets stuck on my right hands same thing with Small! How so? Its just a bit loose, but still could get stuck on my middle finger. Medium is just big!

I anyway wanted to buy Alice a fish ring, however since it came out to be not my size, its going to be hers ^_^ I hope she likes it.

The prices were all good for the amount of rings that I bought. I don’t remember much was each on of them, though the fish ring is the most expensive out of all.