Koi fish painting

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(First picture is w/o flash and the second is w/flash)

According to a Japanese Legend, if a koi is able to swim up the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a dragon. That being said, it wasn’t what inspired me to paint this. My best friend is currently in China and played with the koi fish there. He was so proud of touching the fish it was adorable so I decided to save this memory in a painting.

I planned to give it to him when he’s back but he’s going to be away for 6 more weeks and he wasn’t feeling so well, so this picture came at the right time xD he was so happy with it – one of the cutest moments i experienced in life tbh. He decided that we are the fish and that I’m the one behind, because I’m always looking after him (hes such a beautiful creature, right?). Originally I wanted him to be the one on the back because I’m more satisfied with how it looks, but his reasoning was better. I’m so grateful to have this koi dragon human in my life ❤

The Fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm is terrible, but they never found that a sufficient reason for remaining ashore” – Vincent Van Gogh



I want to be a Mermaid.

^Don’t we all?

ariel bubbles

When I was a kid, my favourite Disney princess was (and still is) Ariel. I remember those times when I prayed for God to turn me into a Mermaid wahahhahaha I believed that I could somehow turn in to a mermaid. The thought of dying in a “human form” was completely impossible to me for some reason.


However I don’t recall dreaming about a prince. I fell in love with mermaids, not the love story. I’m pretty much the opposite of Ariel, while she is fascinated by humans, I’m fascinated by mermaids. Ariel never really wanted a prince until he came along. He was like the cherry on top of her cupcake. Even in the original story, she was fascinated by humans, but wanted to become an immortal soul. When she saw the prince she decided to settle for humans though later she learnt that humans are assholes and died, which made her reborn as an immortal soul.

I loved how in Once Upon a Time they split Arial’s character into two. Ariel was the one that fell on love with a prince (on the left) and the other part named Ursula – after the Goddess of the sea – loved humans. I really enjoyed how OUAT connects all fairy tales with dark twists.


I drew this mermaid last year, I think it was the first time for me to use watercolours. When I’m drawing or painting my talent is either majestic like in the pic above or I cant frickin’ draw lamp for the life of me. There is no in between.

Last year, I dyed my hair red to feel like a mermaid, I really loved it, but it wrecked my hair TT_TT I’m still recovering of how much of my hair fell so I never redyed it. I loved how much attention it got me, random girls stopped me to compliment it and my family excluding my dad kept commenting on how they’ve never seen someone looks better with dyed hair than their original hair colour. I honestly plan on redying when its in a better condition even though Alice’s mum might kill me for it XD she’s done quite a job returning my hair to its’ original colour.


Strawberry head

Funny story: I was once stopped by a bald guy to ask me what colour my hair was XD and he couldn’t pronounce the “r”s so he would just repeat “Chewwy wed?” when I said “Cherry Red”.


Cancer Art

20140127-054428 pm.jpg
Hello everyone!
So I drew the afro girl few months ago. People would comment on how pretty it is but the hair line is too far, needed to closer to her face. I wanted the girl to be bald but still has hair – not normal hair though. Hair of imagination. The girl was bald but she created her own hair. Not everyone can see it thus the hair line is doesn’t start where it should start. People continue to see her bald head but she sees herself differently. She added makeup on her face like other girls do but did not cry because she doesn’t have hair like other girls do. She worked with what she has and she’s happy with the way she is.

I coloured her face using pastel pitt from faber castell and watercolours for the galaxy afro. However the stars are made with gouache/poster colours.

I have to admit. I drew this picture inspired by a pic I saw on WeHeartIt.com they aren’t the exact same though. The original’s hair is photoshopped, hair line is where anyone has hair is and she’s slightly smiling. I didn’t want mine to smile. I wanted her to look charismatic and sucked into her imagination. Something else I’d like to say is that the idea of her balding didn’t inspire me to draw her that way, it just came to me when I was finished with her.