Sad Post.

Most depressing day ever. Everything seems to revolve around sadness , death , family , sacrifice. Tears, pain , love and a hell lot or annoying feelings all at once.

Havent cried this much in a few months…Was watching tv after my mum decided to flip my horror movie. The genre doesnt require emotion , it requires you to watch and enjoy. Out of all, my mum picked an indian movie, where a guy who has a girlfriend finds out his ex wife has cancer….. Inside i was like “Great” i hate emotional movies , so i picked up my reading book for a while…maybe to distract me while i secretly watch, but the heroines mother died…to save her. The guy’s kids in the movie keep saying to their mum and i can not stand it.

I couldnt surpress my feeling any longer after seeing so much emotional things..i start bawling my eyes out. Its hard when i see my mother next to me..i had fought and made up with her earlier. Now i regret everytime ive ever made her mad. I feel that i should appreciate more. The book and the movie had me thinking. I dont know what im feeling. Something i cant define.

Maybe i am over sensitive , but everything really got to me and i hated that , because i can usually keep my feeling contained. Due to stress i havent been mastering that…


All i can conclude is life is now or never and you should love to the fullest. Dont hold back. Give more than take and lastly enjoy yourself and love your family.
They are who will always love you.Even if you fight.


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